Our Vacation from our Vacation (Quintana Roo, Mexico)

After a 12-hour journey from San Igancio, Belize (and four buses) we arrived in Playa del Carmen – our one week vacation spot. During our relaxing week in Playa del Carmen, it rained over half the days. Now, if we’d actually been on a one-week vacation (like most of the tourists here) we’d have been very upset – but given we were just here to chill out and enjoy some spicy Mexican food before flying to Cuba, we weren’t too concerned. It did however mean that we didn’t get up to a whole lot. We had planned on visiting Cozumel and maybe a couple cenotes but we axed all that. On the few sunny days we had, we ventured down to the Mayan ruins of Tulum, visited Akumal for its beach and sea turtles and hit up the beaches in Playa – which were absolutely covered in seaweed that the stormy weather brought in. We also ate out at least once a day, breaking our “we cook 80% of our meals” rule – oops. But Mexican food is just so tasty. And Mexican ceviche – omg.

Oh, and let’s just touch on the fact that we were an hour away from here in Cancun seven months ago, before we flew all the way back to Vancouver and a month later down to Argentina. First off, starting in the south was way better weather-wise (we wouldn’t have even been able to go to Patagonia in May/June). Secondly, we never thought we’d make it all the way from the southern tip of South America (Ushuaia, Argentina) to Cancun, Mexico – almost solely by land travel.

Highlights from our week in Mexico include:

1. Having my makeup down by a professional makeup artist (whose also done J-Lo’s makeup, not that I’m bragging), for free! Having my face airbrushed was quite the sensation. I had no idea mini compressors were a thing in the makeup industry.


2. Partying in Playa del Carmen on Friday night with our host and his friends who seemed to know everyone and got us into every bar and club we wanted for free, with no lineups! We went to at least half a dozen places – and we didn’t start until after 1 AM.


3. Seaweed covered beaches

DSC08592 (1024x683)

Seaweed covered beaches in Akumal

DSC08664 (1024x683)

Seaweed covered beaches and water in Playa del Carmen (we didn’t swim)

4. Mayan ruins of Tulum – located on the water

DSC08573 (1024x683)

DSC08567 (1024x683)

5. The blue sushi we made one night. Yes, that’s right – blue sushi. We found the coloured rice in a Mexican grocery store (made right here in Mexico) along with white soy paper made by the same company.


Sushi prep


The final product

6. Shopping on 5th Avenue, although I didn’t get to show off my new bikini until it was sunny.


Jumping with happiness that the sun came out for us!

7. And the highlight of our trip – the Mexican Food!


Ceviche Tacos – words do not do these justice (the tuna sashimi with avocado and dried onions was the best)



For more photos of Tulum and Akumal, check out our Flickr Album.

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  1. Anna Jean Msllinson says:

    I loved this! Now I realize you made the blue sushi!! I liked the ruins and the sea-weed covered beaches. I always like the photos of you two together. I’m glad you had a kind of holiday time before flying to Cuba

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