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One Week in Tokyo

Experiencing Tokyo, the world’s most populous city, a melting pot of old and new, tradition and business, temples and neon lights, was one of the primary reasons why we travelled to Japan. When we were looking at accommodation (two months in advance) we almost cut down our days in the city due to the high prices and lack of availability. But we stuck to our plan of spending a week there and booked a small, cute and modern private apartment conveniently located by the largest JR station. We used credit card reward points to offset the price and justified it due to the fact that our trip was nearing it’s end and we were running short on places to splurge. Continue reading

Chiang Mai Food 2 (3)

Our Food Highlights from Chiang Mai, Thailand

After a month in Chiang Mai, I’m literally drooling over the food we had there. This is quite possibly related to the fact that we’ve been on the Thai Islands for the past two weeks and the food does not even come close to comparing to the quality of Chiang Mai food. To be honest, we didn’t even eat out that much in Chiang Mai – I cooked probably over 80% of our meals. While eating out is cheap, it’s still cheaper to cook, especially if you want a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) to accompany your meal. I was also pretty happy to have a decent kitchen and a month of free time to experiment with some new meals – anything that didn’t require an oven. Some of my home-cooked favourites included: smoked salmon and mango spring rolls with a peanut dipping sauce, beer-battered tofu and eggplant, panko-crumb chicken and zucchini, blended spicy sweet potato and carrot soup, making tomato sauce from scratch for the first time ever and our morning smoothies. Unfortunately, fresh fruit wasn’t as cheap as I had imagined but fresh vegetables, tofu and chicken were plentiful and reasonably priced. Continue reading

Phnom Penh (5)

Phnom Penh: Happy to be Back in Southeast Asia

I love Southeast Asia and when we landed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, I couldn’t have been happier to be back. I first visited the area just under two years ago on a two-month backpacking trip by myself where Dan joined me for two weeks in Thailand – our first trip together. My love of SE Asia is hard to explain – it has something to do with hectic cities that are somehow calm and refreshing; the amazing mix of nature and ancient cultures with hints of westernization everywhere and of course, the people. Continue reading

My First Christmas Abroad

After our first six months of travelling and constantly being on the move, we needed a break – and took a month off at home in Vancouver. Six months later we were due for another break, but not at home this time. Instead, we booked ourselves an apartment for one month in Chiang Mai, Thailand where we experienced our first ever Christmas abroad!  Continue reading

Our Vacation from our Vacation (Quintana Roo, Mexico)

After a 12-hour journey from San Igancio, Belize (and four buses) we arrived in Playa del Carmen – our one week vacation spot. During our relaxing week in Playa del Carmen, it rained over half the days. Now, if we’d actually been on a one-week vacation (like most of the tourists here) we’d have been very upset – but given we were just here to chill out and enjoy some spicy Mexican food before flying to Cuba, we weren’t too concerned. It did however mean that we didn’t get up to a whole lot. We had planned on visiting Cozumel and maybe a couple cenotes but we axed all that. On the few sunny days we had, we ventured down to the Mayan ruins of Tulum, visited Akumal for its beach and sea turtles and hit up the beaches in Playa – which were absolutely covered in seaweed that the stormy weather brought in. We also ate out at least once a day, breaking our “we cook 80% of our meals” rule – oops. But Mexican food is just so tasty. And Mexican ceviche – omg.

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