Worth the Journey (Little Corn Island)

If you managed to make it to the Corn Islands, you are in for a well-deserved treat (as mentioned in our previous post, we attempted the overland method; not recommended!). You arrive to Little Corn Island by boat from Big Corn Island (be prepared for a wet and bumpy ride). The journey takes anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes depending on the sea conditions.

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Once you arrive, there will be plenty of people on the dock yelling hostel names to get your attention or walk a little bit up and there are colourful and helpful signs pointing you in the direction you need to go.

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Keep in mind the island receives one main shipment of goods a week which arrives Saturday morning.

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And then the fruit and veggie stand by the dock is full again, at least for a couple days.

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Although the freshest (and cheapest) fruit is right above you.

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And all over the ground. (Fresh mangoes)

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Every Sunday there are two baseball games at the stadium. Sometimes teams from near-by islands come over to play the local teams of Little Corn Island.

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Follow these signs (just past Tranquilo Cafe) to the freshest bagels in town, baked every morning, and some delicious fresh bread in the afternoon.


Go to Tranquilo Cafe for delicious appetizers, the best BBQ sauce ever and a decent WiFi connection.

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They also have 2 for 1 drinks at Happy Hour 🙂

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Most hostels have a well with drinking water and all over the island are spots to refill your water bottle to reduce waste.

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And you’ll find dogs everywhere. Adorable puppies relaxing in the sun.

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If you walk around the South end of the island along dirt and sand paths… you’ll end up at your own private beach!

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Don’t miss climbing the “lighthouse” for an excellent view of the island.

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The North end of the Island has pretty amazing beaches too.

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Find this hidden gem (en-route to the South end of the island) for the best herbs and greens. Their arugula was incredibly spicy.

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We stayed at Three Brothers Hostel because they are one of the only places on the island with a guest kitchen and we were able to make some pretty amazing arugula salad and basil bruschetta (on coconut bread of course – an island specialty).

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For more photos of Little Corn Island, check out our Flickr Album.

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  1. Anna Jean Msllinson says:

    What a treat to wander along with you in this idyllic spot! I like the signs, Tranquilo Cafe, and the mosaic tiles around the well. It sounds like a place where people have found ways to be happy with where they are and what they have.

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