Updated: The Route So Far

We finally got our interactive map uploaded and working on our blog (with some help of fellow bloggers Nick & Lucy). Check it out by clicking on “the route so far” above or the link below. Zoom in to see the detailed routes through cities and across countries that the GPS data logger we carry records.

IMG_5303Probably one of the coolest (as well as cheapest and┬ásmallest) electronic gadgets we carry with us, this GPS logger has worked literally everywhere we have gone (unlike our SPOT which costs four times more). It takes a reading every six seconds when turned on and the battery lasts for over 13 continuous hours. The data is easy to upload onto the computer and we use it to geotag all our photos – for when we’re old and forgetful. Check the product out here if you’re interested (highly recommended):

Interactive Map Link:

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