Our First World Wonder: Chichen Itza, Mexico

We were in Cancun for a week at an all inclusive resort for a friends wedding where Dan was one of the best men. We decided to extend our stay an additional week for two main reasons: one, we wanted to have time to visit Chichen Itza (listed as one of the “New7Wonders of the World” and secondly, it would give us a chance to see more time to explore the “real” Mexico – and really, why not spend an extra week in Mexico if you can! 

We spent three nights on Isla Mujeres (also pretty touristy) and four nights in Merida where we day tripped to Chichen Itza.

We were excited to climb Chichen Itza, not having read that it closed for climbing in 2008…. Regardless to say, we were a tad disappointed when we arrived. However, this allowed us to get some gorgeous shots of the temple with no other people in the frame.

Kyra - Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza selfie

*Chichen Itza Selfie*

“This sacred site was one of the greatest Mayan centres of the Yucatán peninsula. Throughout its nearly 1,000-year history, different peoples have left their mark on the city. The Maya and Toltec vision of the world and the universe is revealed in their stone monuments and artistic works. The fusion of Mayan construction techniques with new elements from central Mexico make Chichen-Itza one of the most important examples of the Mayan-Toltec civilization in Yucatán. Several buildings have survived, such as the Warriors’ Temple, El Castillo and the circular observatory known as El Caracol.”

From: unesco.org

DSC02108     DSC02133


Sacrificial Cenote

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