Back on the Beaten Path (Antigua)

Three chicken buses and eight hours after we left Juayua, El Salvador we arrived in Antigua, Guatemala. That evening we met up with a friend, Allegra, who had recently flown from Vancouver to Mexico and was travelling south. We had a dinner and a few drinks and caught up on everything we had been missing in Vancouver the past few months. Somehow over five months has gone by since we left Vancouver!

Antigua is by far the most touristy city we have been in since Cusco, Peru and frankly, we weren’t really into it. Other than the fact that cafes served both soy and almond milk latte’s. At least there are some positives to being completely over-run with tourists.

The most popular thing to do in Antigua is a guided hike up Pacaya Volcano. While the views looked beautiful – and supposedly you can see magma in the night – the price tag was steep and we had recently done a volcano hike in Nicaragua.

Our airbnb in Antigua turned out to be a bit of a disaster and we ended up eating out a lot more than expected (luckily, airbnb credited us for our experience there – awesome customer service!). It’s rainy season and every night Antigua made this extremely clear by down-pouring: and not your average down-pour but the type of rain that instantly floods the street and will drench you in seconds!

IMG_5666 (1024x768)

Torrential down-pour over our hostel kitchen sink (located outside…)

Our second day there we took advantage of a free map we picked up which highlighted all the beautiful old churches and buildings throughout Antigua and created our own walking tour.

DSC08165 (1024x683)

DSC08169 (1024x683)

DSC08182 (1024x656)

DSC08184 (1024x678)

DSC08189 (1024x682)

For more photos of Antigua, check out our Flickr Album 

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  1. Anna Jean Msllinson says:

    So nice at the end of a hot Sunday evening to come to my computer and find your latest adventure. Great to hear that a business like bnb treats its remote customers so well. I love the churches, particularly the large one over your text, with the scrolls and the sun and moon. We could do with some rain here but people are enjoying the summer weather. I went to Dundarave beach with Anthea and Miranda to watch them swim. Just a note; I don’t expect you to phone but if you ever do, please use my cell: 604 612 0677. We found a new cell phone that marvellously allows me to hear with my hearing aids.

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