My First Christmas Abroad

After our first six months of travelling and constantly being on the move, we needed a break – and took a month off at home in Vancouver. Six months later we were due for another break, but not at home this time. Instead, we booked ourselves an apartment for one month in Chiang Mai, Thailand where we experienced our first ever Christmas abroad!  Continue reading

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Travelling with High Expectations = Disappointment (Greek Islands)

Every time we set expectations for a place we seem to regret it. With the route we were following over land through Europe, we wouldn’t have made it to the Greek Islands until sometime in late October or November. So, we flew out of our way to make it for the tail-end of high season before it got too cold to enjoy the beaches and because most of the restaurants and hotels shut down for winter. We wanted to experience the famous party scene on Mykonos and watch the sunsets in Santorini. Greece was the only spot we booked our plane tickets and accommodation in advance. We booked a room right on Paradise Beach on Mykonos to be at the party area and a more remote (cheaper) room on Santorini planning to rent a scooter for four days and explore the island. We were going to eat cheap and delicious Greek food daily, buy fresh olives, watch countless sunsets, lay out on the beach, get tanned, etc. etc. Continue reading

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Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast by Car

Dalmatian dogs originated on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, hence the name, and we saw plenty of them strutting around. I saw a postcard which would make the perfect cover photo for this post: a Dalmatian sitting tall and proud on an ancient stone wall overlooking the Adriatic Sea. I would have loved to Google that photo and stick it in here but that would be strictly against our rule of only posting our own photos so you’ll just have to live with imagining it (or Google it yourself). Continue reading


Our First New Country Together (Colonia, Uruguay)

We had thrown the idea around of hopping on the ferry from BsAs to Uruguay before heading south in Argentina but weren’t sure if it was worth the fee of the ferry. When we heard that you can get USD from the ATM’s there it solidified our decision to check it out. We voted on going to Colonia over Montevideo; a smaller town with a old-fashioned feel. We took the slow ferry over (3 hours) and arrived in the late afternoon. Uruguay also turns out to be the first country that is new to us both. Continue reading